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Works with iOS 9.3 and above

Download and install our iOS app which is designed to guarantee you the premier privacy and security. Your experience will be magical with our excellent user-friendly interface.

Exceptional Features

Free VPN
Free iPhone VPN

Enjoy our free subscription 500MB bandwidth limit for 2 weeks. It is a no-cost renewable plan every two weeks, primarily guaranteeing you a free lifetime VPN.

Smooth Even On Unstable Connection
Simple Setup

No kidding, create an account with your email address and that’s it!

Quick & Easy Setup
Auto-Server Selection

Jailbreak VPN provides an auto-server selection. Don’t trouble yourself with selecting the speediest server; we’ll do that for you.

Auto Server Selection
Zero Logs

Your online activity is your business and anyway we are incapable of storing your logs with our current setup and we never will.

Auto Server Selection

Enjoy VPN privacy at all times by enabling the auto-reconnect option, and save yourself from the inconvenience of having to connect the app time and again.

Auto Server Selection
Easy and Unrestricted Server Switching

Wherever you may be, you can switch servers from over 30+ locations without paying any extra charges.

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Works with iOS 9.3 and above

No Registration - No Sign Up Required

Connect Jailbreak VPN in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Download and Install Jailbreak VPN for iOS

Step 2

Connect to any server that grants access to your favorites

Step 3

Congrats, you can now securely browse the internet!
Get it on Google Play

Works with iOS 9.3 and above

How to Install Jailbreak VPN for iOS

Get it on Google Play

Works with iOS 9.3 and above

Lifelong Free iOS VPN

Jailbreak VPN iOS app for iPhone gives you free VPN for life. You receive 500 MB data transfer limit that can be renewed every 14 days. There is no limit to your renewal meaning you can access our free VPN for life.

Further Reasons Why Jailbreak VPN is Unique


Diverse Geographic VPN Network

Absolute Anonymity

Various VPN Protocols

Powerful Encryption


Suitable With Various Operating Systems

Multiple simultaneous logins

IP Leakage Security

Port forwarding

Unrestricted Server Switching

Life time free VPN

Customer support

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