Terms of Service

This is an agreement between you and Jailbreak VPN for VPN services, similar services, and attributes. Our service cannot be used to carry out criminal acts. It provides security and privacy through private IP address. You accept that you will not break any law no matter wherever you are in this world.

When using our service by default, you agree that you will do whatever it takes to safeguard your id & password and our service from non-approved use and withdraw from showing or distributing your account information to outsiders. When you are logged in using your id & password, you are responsible for all the activities that take place on our servers.

You cannot use our service to mail spam, scan port, check for a free proxy server, dispatch unsolicited bulk email or any other type even if the email is eventually transmitted to another server. When using our service, you cannot endanger any other computer or network.

There may be variations in service coverage, speeds, locations & quality. Apart from minimal durations during maintenance and repair when we will need to fix some things to keep our service top notch, it will always be available. However, our service could be unavailable for many reasons like a crisis, other service failures, transfer problem, network restriction, disruption, signal problem, and service connection could also be interfered, denied, restricted or stopped. Jailbreak VPN cannot be held responsible for your data, non-delivery of messages, pages being lost, delays taking place or misdirection due to interference or performance problems with the service network. It is in our sole discretion whether or not to impose specific service limit or defer service or close usage keeping the security and privacy of our users and the service in mind. Network speed hardly has any bearing on the rate at which our service sends or receives data. There are many factors for actual network speed with the main ones being configuration, compression, and network congestion. There are no guarantees as such when it comes to the delivery of data; interruption or deletion could happen.

Any user involved in illegal activities or malpractices like hacking, cracking, spreading of viruses, network endangerment, and phishing will be suspended or terminated from our service. The user must make sure that their services are correctly configured and secured as Jailbreak VPN is not responsible for any harm caused by their negligence whether they intended it or not.

That right there is the whole agreement. We will update our terms of service if changes are made and it is the responsibility of the users to check from time to time for new terms of service.

Privacy Policy

As a service built on privacy and security of our users it is only right that our customers know what the things we collect, store and process are. To save our users from going through boring legal statements we have given here policies which are clear and simple so that all our users are aware of the facts.

What data is gathered and kept about all visitors to our website?

For overall information about website visitors, Jailbreak VPN uses Google Analytics. Javascript code is executed when you load a page on our site which submits report to Google Analytics for analytical purposes. However, Google is allowed to gather just a portion of the IP address so that your privacy is maximized. For identification purposes of revisiting users, Google Analytics may also store a web cookie. If privacy is too big a deal for you and you do not want Google Analytics to track you then install a browser add-on which will make you invisible to Google Analytics.

What data do we gather and keep when you sign up for our VPN service?

Your privacy is our number one priority, and so the only required information we keep is your email address. Your personal information like your name, IP address, physical addresses, and phone number are neither requested not stored. Details about the payments are not saved in our system and payments are processed by Payoneer.

What data is logged when customers connect to our VPN service?

Every few hour connection data is securely erased leaving no trace of customers’ randomly generated username and private IP address. We do not log any other data because we have some legal liabilities which we need to uphold. However, of course, to correctly bill you and give you service of the highest quality your monthly data traffic is logged. What you browse is your business. However, recording your browsing behavior is not possible because of the private IP address. Whatever data you use is private and in no way associated with your real, public IP address.

What data is kept when I stop using your service?

When a VPN account is terminated, all data associated with that account including the account itself gets erased from our systems. The only things that are not deleted from our systems are the email address & password in our customer’s client area used while signing up for an account. You have the option of removing your client area account if you feel that your credentials could be misused by submitting a ticket to our billing department requesting deletion.

What happens if you receive a legal notice such as a DMCA for copyright material that I have downloaded?

Any legal notices are directed to Jailbreak VPN because our customers are not known in person when using our service. Every few hours connection data is securely erased so to identify a customer upon request is impossible because we would not be able to trace it back to a particular account.

How do we react when requested by an authority for information relating to a customer?

Jailbreak VPN is incorporated in Malaysia. Jailbreak VPN will comply with the court order if it is received from a recognized legal authority within the jurisdiction. However, the company is not bound to hand over information if it does not have it. We only request a valid email address when a customer signs up. Our customers will be immediately notified if it becomes required by law to track them. In worst case scenario we will shut down the service if it means the privacy of our customers is intact.

Policy Changes

Changes to privacy policy are reserved by Jailbreak VPN. If any changes are made all our existing customers will be mailed, and it will also be posted on the Jailbreak VPN website. Call us to clear all your doubts by asking questions or commenting on changes regarding policies.

Refund Policy

You will be fully refunded if you are not completely satisfied with our service and notify us through email within the first two weeks of your contract stating you wish to cancel but that is if you have not exhausted your total transfer data. You will be notified by email about your refund but it could as much as ten days depending on the payment method used. Please use the contact form to inform us if you still haven’t received your refund after ten days.

Subscription Policy

Depending on your selected plan you will be billed monthly, half yearly and yearly if your subscribe option is enabled. Contact our support team to cancel the subscription.